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Unlock New Revenue with SmartMoving's  Integrated Moving Insurance



Moving companies can now ramp up their income and safeguard their business from household damage claims with SmartMoving's innovative integration with Relocation Insurance Group (RIG)—a first in the moving industry.

SmartMoving, the go-to moving platform for scaling moving companies, has joined forces with RIG, a leading provider of relocation insurance, to empower moving businesses to offer moving insurance protection to customers, right from SmartMoving.


This income-boosting integration gives you the power to:

  1. Create a new revenue stream: According to the SmartMoving 2024 State of the Moving Industry Report, nearly half of moving companies are seeking new revenue streams. Offering moving insurance through SmartMoving during the booking process, earning 10% compensation on each policy placed, is a simple way to create extra income. For instance, if a moving company handles 2,000 moves/year and 25% include insurance policies at an average cost of $550, the company could potentially earn $27,500 a year.

  2. Safeguard your moving business from high-value claims: In the US, moving companies are required to provide Basic Carrier Liability, or "released value," which typically covers damaged items at 60 cents per pound. This often falls short of covering actual damages, leaving you with dissatisfied customers and unexpected expenses as you try to make things right. And when major incidents like fires or accidents occur, the costs can skyrocket, leading customers to file claims against your business insurance. This not only raises the risk of losing your business insurance, but it also makes it more difficult and expensive to secure coverage in the future. The good news, by offering third-party moving insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business and customers are fully protected and a team of insurance professionals will handle the entire claims process, leaving you free to focus on what you do best—providing excellent moving services.

  3. Simplify moving insurance for you and your customers: SmartMoving's integration with RIG simplifies the insurance placement experience for both you and your customers, ensuring a user-friendly process for purchasing moving insurance. Expert support from RIG is available to handle customer inquiries, and SmartMoving's automated email feature educates customers on the value of moving insurance.

How It Works

With SmartMoving's RIG integration, you can offer moving insurance right from the SmartMoving booking process.

Step 1. Automated quote generation: Once a move is booked, just click “Start Insurance Quote” within SmartMoving, and a quote is automatically generated based on the move's size and weight—no sweat, no hassle.

Step 2: Customer-friendly experience: With one more click, the customer is sent a link to their portal, where they are guided to review coverage, pick their deductible, and list their high-value items—easy peasy!

Step 3: Simple application process: Wrapping up the policy application is a breeze with digital signatures and online payments. And after the move, you earn 10% of the total policy amount as compensation (pending underwriting). Smooth moves, big rewards!

Don't let household damage claims and limited revenue streams hinder your moving business. With SmartMoving's integration with RIG, you can enhance your customer experience, boost revenue, and ensure comprehensive protection for your business and customers.

Join thousands of top moving companies that trust SmartMoving to power their business, boost profitability, and save valuable time.

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