Manage storage efficiently

Monitor and bill storage accounts effortlessly with SmartMoving.

Stay on top of invoices, move-ins, and storage performance, all within a single platform. Manage your storage efficiently with SmartMoving.

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Your storage operation is a great flow of recurring revenue, but:

Storage should mean more revenue,
not more paperwork.

You're managing storage in a separate system from the rest of your moving operations, leading to silos.

You're tracking down customers every month just to get paid.

You are losing revenue due to overdue invoices.

You're manually updating and monitoring accounts in Excel sheets.

You have no visibility on the occupancy of your warehouses.

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Auto-bill your customers and manage storage accounts efficiently with SmartMoving.

Set your storage operations up for success with a modern CRM software that gives you complete visibility. Know the occupancy of your warehouses, get paid on time and make more revenue.

Import and manage all storage accounts in one single user-friendly platform.

Upload all existing storage accounts to SmartMoving in minutes via Excel.

Create new individual and commercial storage accounts by simply filling out pre-set forms.

Set up custom storage rates for different warehouses, zones and customers.

graphic of different modules of the Smart Moving application

Track storage accounts and containers across different warehouses with ease.

Get the contact details, storage rates, and lot numbers for each customer in one place.

Know the containers occupied by every customer and print out container tags when required.

Create an online portal where customers can access all their storage information on their phones.

Stop chasing payments. Bill your customers automatically.

Set customers up on auto-pay using their credit card or ACH from their bank and guarantee consistent, on-time payments.

View all overdue payments in one place, without manual tracking. SmartMoving builds real-time aging accounts reports for you.

Send reminders to customers about outstanding invoices.

Personalize all estimates and invoices sent to the customer, and build a professional brand.

Get an overview of your performance, occupancy and schedule with a visual storage dashboard.

Get insights on your monthly storage revenue with easy-to-understand charts.

Track your storage occupancy in real-time, and never overbook your warehouses.

View and manage all move-ins and move-outs in one place and reduce scheduling conflicts.

Transform your storage operations with a CRM purpose-built for movers.

Make extra revenue without the admin work
Get complete visibility over aging accounts
Track containers and have accurate data on occupancy
Reduce scheduling conflicts
Never hunt for information in folders
Automate manual tasks and get paid on time

We've built SmartMoving to be the perfect tool for passionate, growing moving companies.

SmartMoving doesn't work for electricians, plumbers or retailers. We're purpose-built for moving companies and moving companies only.

We've perfected the art of developing intuitive, smooth-functioning software that is simple for anyone to use.

We're constantly adding features that help you win. We're improving everyday!

We get customer experience. We’ve built automations your customers will love while you make their moving experience great.

We've put in the research to understand you and your customers. We know the problems you face and how to solve them more effectively.

We've got your back.

Migrating to a new software is hard—but we're here to guide you every step of the way.

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