Make every move a 5-star experience for your customers.

Make moving hassle-free for your customers with timely communication, digital signatures and online payments. Build a strong reputation and dominate your market with SmartMoving.

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Your online reputation is the face of your moving business.

Don't let inaccurate estimates, unaddressed complaints and lack of communication get in the way of your customer experience.

Poor reviews on the first page of Google can be a red-flag for potential customers.

Make your online reputation a priority and provide your customers with a seamless moving experience.

Go the extra mile for your customers.

Deliver flawless customer service right from the first call, with SmartMoving.

Increase repeat business, referrals and good reviews with service that makes an impression. Communicate better and make your customers feel heard, with SmartMoving.

Build a powerful reputation and increase your rates
Dominate your market
Win more repeat business
Get more referrals and book more moves

Send accurate, reliable estimates for every move.

SmartMoving helps you accurately and consistently build quotes and calculate time required for each move.

Never worry about bait-and-switch accusations or bad reviews for inaccurate estimates.

Keep it professional with beautifully-designed mobile-friendly estimates.

Create accurate estimates within minutes. Be the first to reach your potential customers and win the job.

Send professional-looking estimates that are easy for customers to understand.

Send mobile-friendly estimates via text. Never get lost in junk mail.

Let customers manage their move from a convenient, mobile-friendly portal

Don't make your customers wait on your team every time they need information. Give them access to a convenient, mobile-friendly portal that's always available.

Let customers upload and sign documents, pay deposits and manage their move on their own schedule.

Allow customers to see all their move details, contracts, waivers and invoices whenever they want, in one single portal.

Let customers pay their deposit and fill out inventory online.

graphic showing the estimate module in Smart Moving

Stay in touch with your customers every step of the way, via text.

Your customers do not want a phone call every time they need to speak with you.

Go mobile. Keep your customers in the loop with automated, personalized text messages.

Set up canned emails and texts. Reduce unnecessary emails and answer questions before they come up.

Customize text messages to fit your brand. Speak to your customers in text as you would in real life.

Reduce friction with digital sign-offs and contactless payments.

Modernize your business and cut out the paperwork.

Let your customers view and sign estimates on their phones.

Get signatures on documents anytime, anywhere on any device—whether it's ahead of the move or on the day of the move.

Replace all third-party signature tools with SmartMoving—request signatures with a simple link and get your paperwork done faster.

Accept contactless payments online or on your tablet/card reader.

person making a payment using their mobile wallet
Have all your customer information at your fingertips.

Make sure your entire sales team is on the same page with all customer information in one central place.

See the entire communication history for any customer.

Get real-time conversation notifications on the go—and know when a customer has messaged you.

Don't dig through emails to find customer messages, and never leave a question unanswered.

graphic showing service completion module with customer review
Send 'on the way' messages,
on the go.

Send confirmation messages a day before the move.

Let your customers know when your crew will arrive. Send messages as soon as your crew leaves the warehouse and once they arrive at the destination.

Good experiences for your customers


Good business for you

We've built SmartMoving to be the perfect tool for passionate, growing moving companies.

SmartMoving doesn't work for electricians, plumbers or retailers. We're purpose-built for moving companies and moving companies only.

We've perfected the art of developing intuitive, smooth-functioning software that is simple for anyone to use.

We're constantly adding features that help you win. We're improving everyday!

We get customer experience. We’ve built automations your customers will love while you make their moving experience great.

We've put in the research to understand you and your customers. We know the problems you face and how to solve them more effectively.

We've got your back.

Migrating to a new software is hard—but we're here to guide you every step of the way.

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