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North Carolina Movers Say Goodbye to Paperwork: SmartMoving Introduces State-Approved Digital Documents for Local and Intrastate Moves.


North Carolina Movers Can Now Streamline Their Entire Business Starting with State-Approved Digital Documents for Local and Intrastate Moves

Great news, North Carolina movers! We are thrilled to announce the launch of our state-compliant digital documents feature, approved by the North Carolina Utility Commission (NCUC) for local and intrastate moves. As the only moving software provider to receive this NCUC stamp of approval, this launch marks our commitment to helping moving companies in North Carolina streamline their operations and achieve greater profitability.

Obstacles to Efficiency

Documentation regulations can be a headache for North Carolina movers. Movers must comply with stringent requirements set by the NCUC, including specific formatting and content criteria for Bills of Lading (BOLs). This often forces movers to use time-consuming, paper-driven processes. The absence of digital documentation is a major obstacle to streamlining operations for many North Carolina moving companies, and we're here to change that.

Streamline Operations with Digital Documents

No more labor-intensive paperwork. With SmartMoving, you can streamline your operations by embracing the power of digital documentation. Our solution automatically generates digital job estimates and state-compliant bills of lading that meet NCUC’s rigorous criteria. On top of that, simplify processes even further with digital signatures to obtain customer approvals. SmartMoving is setting the bar for state-compliant documentation.

Create Accurate Estimates—Fast

Creating accurate estimates has never been easier. Combine the power of digital documents with SmartMoving's flexible auto-price engine to generate accurate estimates with ease. Create your base settings once —such as minimum job hours, state-regulated max rates, crew base rates, and truck fees—then let SmartMoving handle the rest. Local, intrastate, and long-distance moves are calculated accurately and efficiently—so estimates go out in minutes, not hours.

Run Your Entire Business from One Place

Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools and systems. With SmartMoving, you can run your entire moving business from one place. Our comprehensive platform centralizes everything, from sales and operations to crew management, storage management, accounting, and reporting. By simplifying and consolidating these essential functions, SmartMoving empowers you to build a more profitable and efficient business. Don't just take our word for it—join the ranks of top moving companies who trust SmartMoving to power their operations.

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