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Innovating the Moving Company Software Industry with SmartMoving 2.0


With a fresh new look, SmartMoving 2.0 is chalked full of new features- making an even more customized and streamlined experience for users.

Streamline operations, grow revenue, and impress your customers with improved estimates, more pricing options, and invoicing updates. All within a new user interface and design.

Here’s what's new 👇

Fresh User Experience

Who doesn’t love a user-focused design? SmartMoving 2.0 features improved Navigation that makes the platform more intuitive for our users. On top of tweaks to simplify clicks, we’ve made massive improvements to the opportunity page to help you keep organized. See all opportunity tabs from one view- including sales, estimate, storage, files and photos and accounting.


A new tab on the opportunity page deserves a major spotlight- and that’s the new ability to Upload Photos and Files. Easily add documents that show move information, inventory notes, and more right in one spot. Keep organized with all photos and files in one tab together, giving you the full picture for the move.

Also available on this new view under job information, we’ve updated the trip information to let users Easily Reorder Stops. Need to edit the stops you have planned? Crews now have the ability to change things around to make the most sense for their move schedule.

💡 For more information on managing stops in SmartMoving 2.0, take a look here.  

Improved Estimates and Pricing Options

Our new and improved estimates features give you more customizability than ever before. In the updated SmartMoving Auto Pricing Engine, you can define rules for when different fees and pricing models should be applied to the job. No waiting to add this to your invoice later on! As you move through the job details to create an estimate, the fees you configure will continuously apply when rules are met.  

Create different charge types based on Pricing Models that you set up. Do you prefer to use Peak and off-Peak pricing? How about pricing based on flat-rate valuation, flat-rate plus hourly, or flat-rate non-binding? We’ve added these and more as options you can set up based on your business preferences.  

Set up rules to add Charge Fees for service type, handicaps, configured not-to-exceed amounts, cwt, cuft, per stop, per handicap, mileage, percentage and more. For example, if you set your local range to less than 25 miles, jobs that are 26 miles and above can be set to automatically add a fuel surcharge.

By setting up these different rules in the auto pricing engine, you eliminate errors and ensure your move coordinators never forget to add the appropriate fees. Charge how you want to, without missing out on revenue or making it too complex for your team to manage!

💡 For more information on pricing model settings in SmartMoving 2.0, check it out here.

On top of the updates to the auto pricing engine, you can now also build Multiple Tariffs, allowing different job types or branches to have completely independent pricing. Keep organized and compliant, while avoiding manual overrides.


Intuitively drive your packing estimates during the inventory process with updates to our Inventory and Packing system. CP's and PBO's added during the inventory process now automatically drive your packing estimates! With SmartMoving 2.0 when you add any box to your estimate, not only does this auto calculate your packing estimate, the materials needed are also automatically added to your quote. 

💡For more information about packing jobs in SmartMoving 2.0, take a look here.  

"2.0, while it does take a minute to set up and get efficient on, is a large upgrade. Options and buttons are where you feel they should be. The flow of the entire opportunity is great, no more switching pages a million times.

Someone told me that SmartMoving is the Apple of moving CRM software and I've found that to be true. 2.0 vs. 1.0 is like iOS 14 vs. iOS 7 - they both work but one is just more advanced." - Jim Height, Designed to Move

Invoicing Made Even Simpler

Closing jobs is now easier than ever! We’ve updated the workflow so that you can see all jobs in one view- right on the opportunity. Not only do you have all the information in one space, but we’ve also added support to our Job Finalization Wizard. The new closeout process adds support for weight calculations, tracking actual vs. estimated materials, and adds the option to close the job without taking a payment. This gets customers their detailed invoices even faster and allows you to move along to the next move!

Simpler job closeout? Awesome. Easier Invoices with more options? Even better. You can now add multiple line-item discounts to an invoice and take one payment for a multi-day job.  

Only one more thing can make this accounting process update sweeter – and that’s Online Payments. Enhance your customers’ experience and let them pay invoices conveniently and securely online. Available right on a tablet or mobile device, paying invoices online can make sure you're getting paid faster and without added steps.  


💡 Learn more about setting up online payments in your SmartMoving 2.0 account here.  

‍We’ve got so much coming your way with the transition to SmartMoving 2.0, and even more features that will be released within the next quarter. Built for movers, we are proud to be the leader in growth and innovation for Moving industry CRMs. 🚀

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There’s lots to love in 2.0, and we’ve created resources to help SmartMoving customers' transition:

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