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Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in SmartMoving 2.0


SmartMoving 2.0

You asked, we delivered!  SmartMoving 2.0 comes with tons of new features to help you run your moving business.  

We’ve made sure to include both new features and improvements to the things you love from SmartMoving 1.0. By researching what our customers wanted, and what the industry needed, our innovative version 2 of SmartMoving was born. 🚀

Here are 7 helpful things you can do in 2.0:

Upload Photos and Files

Have you ever misplaced a file? Wished you had photos of inventory at your fingertips? Well, wish no more! From one screen, you can now see all opportunity and job information, upload files and photos, manage invoicing and schedule crew.  

Document key info to help during the move and keep all of the details for your records in one place.

Set Pricing Period information

Pricing models often shift with the season, but who wants to configure whole new rules set? Now, you can create charge types for different pricing periods, including peak and off-peak pricing, flat rate valuation pricing, flat-rate plus hourly pricing, flat-rate (but non-binding!) pricing and more.  ‍

Packing Estimates

No more duplicate work when it comes to inventory and charging for packing or materials! 📦 We’ve added support during the inventory process to track CP's and PBO's. When you add any box to your estimate, not only does this auto calculate your packing estimate, the materials needed are also automatically added to your quote.

Packing Estimates

Track estimated vs. Actual materials

Keep track of material inventory easily with support in the job finalization wizard. This allows you to make sure you aren’t charging for what’s not been used, and that you have an eye on your business materials.

Tare, Gross and Net weight calculations

Finalize jobs with simple weight calculations, allowing you to easily adjust to accurate amounts and invoice your customers accordingly.

Complete a job without applying a payment

Do you have commercial clients or agreements where payment may be taken later? You can now finalize a job without it, allowing you to send proper documentation to your customer and for your accounting paperwork to remain in order.

Reorder Stops  

Need to edit the stops you have planned? Crew now have the ability to change things around to make the most sense for their move schedule. Drag and drop the schedule around to fit your needs.

2.0 has been such a big help to our company, staff, and customers. With all of the upgrades and features that it has to offer, we are able to be more productive and get estimates and work done more efficiently. We look forward to the growth that SmartMoving has to offer and the benefits it will provide.” - Laura Richardson, RS Moving & Warehousing

‍We’re committed to continuing to roll out more top-of-the-line features to support your day-to-day and make your life easier. We are honored to be the #1 rated software and CRM for moving companies and pride ourselves on continuing to innovate our CRM experience based on their needs.  

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