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How using a CRM supports 'From Here to There'

How using a CRM supports From Here to There build a scalable moving business

What does it look like to start with your first CRM?  

Just ask Jyre Richardson, owner of From Here to There. Prior to using SmartMoving, he was keeping track of leads in his head, on a piece of paper, or randomly in computer documents. The information didn’t exist together in one view and things got lost in communication.

As you can imagine, keeping information in so many spaces can lead to feeling disorganized, or worse- can lead to missing opportunities or important information for a job.

Something had to give, prompting the From Here to There team to start looking for solutions.  

“We chose SmartMoving because when comparing our options, we realized how much they invest into the software and it made us really happy with the decision”.

Now, with SmartMoving powering their sales operations, the difference in lead capture has been night and day. Since adding the SEO optimized website form to their site, From Here to There had 4x the number of leads come in. Plus, all information came right into SmartMoving rather than being written down on paper.

Quote form with 400% conversion callout

Jyre and his team can now track leads and write notes right in the opportunity- making sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Communication used to be hard between the office and crew, and now they have a place to hold their shared information.  

Not only has adopting a CRM made communication and data centralized, but the From Here to There team is now able to pull reports to track how their business is doing. Getting an in-depth analysis on what is creating the best ROI is super important for them as they grow their company.  

“Since using SmartMoving, we actually feel like our business is a scalable thing that can grow- and we have a place to start with all of this.” -Jyre Richardson, owner of From Here to There.  

Built with the voices of customers, SmartMoving is constantly innovating and adjusting to serve the needs of moving businesses. Grab some time below to chat with our team about how we can help your business grow.

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