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My Guys Moving & Storage Switches to SmartMoving


What does being thorough mean? For Dave Tindall, it means doing your research to make the most informed decision. After all, you don’t keep a moving company in business for over 15 years without being thorough. And when it came time for My Guys Moving & Storage to find a new software, it was no exception.

‍“I tried to be extremely thorough in my investigation of new software that is going to dramatically affect my business.”

His current software had become outdated and was slowing his business down. In August of 2021, Dave began his investigation into a new software and CRM for his business. As a Wheaton Van Line Agent, Dave reached out to his network for software referrals. After his thorough research into 6 of the top software and CRMs for moving companies, his decision to move forward with SmartMoving had been simple.

“My decision to move forward with SmartMoving was based on the price fairness, a thoughtful implementation process, and the ease of use which was very important to me.”

Dave came to SmartMoving with what he thought was a tight timeline to get up and running - to get started December 1st and be implemented within 7 weeks. Through their dedicated customer success manager Bryce and personalized training sessions, My Guys Moving & Storage was able to go live at the end of January 2022 and meet Dave’s implementation timeline.‍

“Having 1 point of contact was a big plus. I felt like we were understood and I didn’t have to re-explain anything during the process.”

Since implementing SmartMoving, My Guys Moving & Storage have cut down their time to book a job by 60% and are booking over 70% of their estimates. With SmartMoving’s storage management, they have moved their paper billing to automated recurring billing and save on average 10 hours per week.

‍With a more streamlined process now in place, Dave is excited about the future growth of his company with the power of SmartMoving.‍

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