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Tips for Keeping CRM Data Organized


Keeping CRM Data Organized

Maintaining clean and accurate data in your CRM system is key for effective sales, marketing, and customer service for your moving company. 🔑

Seems like a no-brainer that you’d want clear and accurate info, but how do you make sure you get there? Here are some tips for keeping data clean in your CRM:

1 | Build a process

The best way to keep things organized is to make sure your users are on the same page! Create a standard operating procedure for your team when it comes to adding, changing, and deleting data. This document should define details  like how you name the accounts, what information is required for the account, format for adding notes, and who is responsible for updating information as you go.

Making sure this process is written out as a resource for your team, and that they feel trained well, makes a huge difference. ‍

2 | Regularly update things as you go

Encourage your team to update contact information whenever they communicate with customers. This includes verifying email addresses, phone numbers, job titles, and any other relevant details. 

3 | Check on your data

Audit and clean your data regularly to identify and fix any inaccuracies, like duplicates, incomplete records, and outdated information. Too many leads in the funnel that have sat for a while? Have any duplicate jobs? Be sure to clear these up. We’d recommend checking on this every quarter or so to keep things easy to update.

4 | Utilize integrations

Keep all of your data in one spot! Leverage automation and integration capabilities within your CRM system to streamline data entry and updates. 

SmartMoving integrates with key software providers, like Mailchimp, QuickBooks,  Ring Centra, and lead providers. - so your data and communication is accessible within one system!‍

5 | Clear out old users

Keep the list of your software users up to date so that you aren’t paying for users in your system that you don’t need. As new employees come in, and old employees leave, it’s a great opportunity to double check that list is up to date.

6 | Keep saved templates up to date

Do you use any message templates for communicating with your customers? From sales to customer management, it’s important to keep these templates fresh and up to date. Refreshing these messages every few months or so is a great practice. Also, deleting old material can help you stay organized and avoid confusion. 

Remember, maintaining an organized CRM workspace takes effort and commitment. By following these tips and establishing data hygiene as a priority, you can make your software more effective for your moving business.

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