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How To Grow Your Moving Business


Grow Your Moving Business

With the start of any new business, the first few years can feel like you’re in survival mode.

But, if you have been steadily running your moving business over time, you’ve probably thought about growing the business at some point. At first it might seem like an intimidating idea, but with the right plan in place it can produce great benefits for you and your crew. 

First, you’ll want to create or update your growth plan. 

Write our your goals. Where do you want to be in 5, 10, 15 years? What does your revenue look like? What does your crew look like? Next, identify your inputs and outputs. Determine the key metrics and results that will help you reach these goals and how you plan to achieve them. Look at running some initial growth experiments and tests. Make sure your plan is validated by the data and set accountability within your team. 

Invest time and money into growing your crew and team. 

Having a strong company foundation can set your moving business up for great success. Develop what you want your organizational chart to look like. This will more than likely mean you will be looking at recruiting and hiring new team members. It can be difficult to find qualified candidates in any economic environment. Think of creative incentives like sign on bonuses or other attractive benefits to join your crew. Just like your business, make sure your team is set up for success by providing training and continuing education. 

Look at your company culture and business reputation. 

Do your employees enjoy coming to work? Do you have positive reviews? What does your community involvement look like? All of these things can seem like small aspects when looking at your growth plan. But if high turnover and negative reviews encompass your moving business, you could be looking at an uphill battle. Look at ways you can recognize your crew and utilize a review management system to make sure you are on top of your online presence. 

Upgrade and automate your process with software. 

Are your excel spreadsheets and word docs creating inaccurate estimates and costing you valuable time and customers? With a well-defined operating system, you will be able to manage your company from one central point and have accurate information sent to your customers.

With SmartMoving, you get an all-in-one solution that streamlines your operations and help you focus on growing your revenue. Schedule a 1:1 demo to learn more.

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