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4 Ways To Prep For Peak Season


4 Ways To Prep For Peak Season

Entering into peak season can be an exciting and overwhelming time for any moving business owner.

Being prepared can make all the difference for you and your crew. We’ve put together our top tips to help you set your moving company up for success this busy season.

1 | Start Hiring

Do you have enough crew to support increased demand this year? Don’t miss out on additional revenue by being short-staffed. Start by taking a look at your historical sales data and determine if your crew capacity matches forecasted sales numbers. Start by hiring part-time labor that can be paired with experienced crew members this Summer to fill in any gaps.

2 | Make Sure Your Crews Are Ready

As you enter the busiest season of the year, it’s important to ensure as many quality moving jobs for your moving company as possible. If you haven’t already, take time to review the health of your crew. With new leads coming in, a crew with injury or illness can lead to missed opportunities or poor quality moves. Keep your reputation and crew in top shape!

3 | Check Your Resources

Just as your crews should be ready for peak season, so should your resources. Go through your trucks, equipment, packing supplies, protective gear etc. to make sure there are no malfunctions or equipment failure. A broken down truck or not enough packing supplies are roadblocks no moving company wants especially during busy season.

4 | Automate Processes with Reliable Software

Are your manual processes taking too much of your time or causing errors in your estimates or payroll? Don’t let your current out-dated software or paper processes slow you down!

With SmartMoving, you can create accurate estimates in minutes, streamline your operations and grow your revenue from 1 simple tool. Schedule a 1:1 demo to learn more.

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