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4 ChatGPT Prompts To Level Up Sales Comms For Your Moving Company


4 ChatGPT Prompts To Level Up Sales Comms

We’ve all seen the hype- ChatGPT can generate some really cool, detailed responses!

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that can answer questions, write articles, and even song lyrics- and it’s free! Have you thought about using this tool for your moving business?

A great way to utilize ChatGPT for your moving business is by leveling up your sales messaging. Sales teams send out a lot of messages during the sales process. ChatGPT can be used to generate some of this content, so your teams aren’t always writing things from scratch. You can create new templates, create email flows and get more people through the sales funnel faster. 

Before you start, remember that no software is perfect, especially when it comes to content generation- so you will need to review, edit, and add human touch to the things you get from ChatGPT. 

A few key things to keep in mind when asking ChatGPT new prompts: 

  • Test out multiple versions - ask the question a few different ways to generate more options
  • Be as specific as you can with your prompts
  • Use the “Regenerate response” button to get additional responses
  • Use descriptive words

Here are 4 great prompts to create new, fresh messaging

Sales Prospecting Emails: 

"As [your name and company] a [company type - example: residential moving company], write an introductory warm sales email to [prospect name] from [company name] in regards to any upcoming [move/service type]."


Fresh Messaging

Cold Outreach Emails: 

"Write a concise and informal cold email to a sales lead referencing services for any upcoming [move/service type]." 

Follow-Up Email: 

"Write a 100-word follow-up email to [prospect name] who I've just had a call with and is now ready to book their [move/service type]."

Review Emails: 

"In a friendly tone, write an email to a recent customer to ask for a review after their [move/service type]."

As a bonus, ChatGPT can help you with marketing content as well.

Create easy social media plans and posts with a prompt like this:

“Generate a two week social media plan for a moving company to generate new business”

Social Media Plans

We hope that these tips help you with your sales and marketing content creation. With ChatGPT and other AI tools, the possibilities are endless!
Embracing innovation wherever it comes- either from SmartMoving, ChatGPT or from industry leaders, it’s important to keep adapting with new ideas. 

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