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Aired on 
July 3, 2023
Guest Speakers
Stan Pakarin
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What you will learn:
  • Efficiently scaling and flexing your call center with Live Services
  • How Live Services trained agents deliver exceptional customer care
  • Real-life success stories of enhancing brand reputation with Scheduling Pro powered by Schedule Engine
  • Converting leads into booked jobs on your ServiceTitan dispatch board, regardless of the hour

If you've ever wondered how to adapt your call center to meet the ever-increasing customer expectations without exhausting your customer service representatives, this webinar is for you. Join industry experts Stan Pakarin of Fuse Services and Justin Morris of Any Hour Electric Plumbing Heating & Air as they share their invaluable insights from first-hand experiences.

Summer brings its unique challenges, with after-hours calls, emergency escalations, and weekend inquiries on the rise. Learn how to satisfy customers' needs while ensuring your CSRs remain efficient and well-balanced.

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